Safe Wash provides soft wash methods of roof and exterior applications of cleaning solutions that provides enough cleaning power to safely remove all your mildew and algae without the damaging effects of pressure cleaning or pressure washing.  Soft washing is a process of applying the cleaning agents to the surface using a gentle low pressure to properly remove all traces of “Gloeocapsa Magma”, which is a blue green algae, that produces the black streaks on roofs stains from many roofing materials and siding.

Our no pressure soft cleaning uses only the best low pressure methods to clean your home or business.  We use only the highest quality, environmentally-friendly surfactants and cleaning solutions to not only clean, but kill what is growing on your roof or home.  This process uses a battery powered sprayer that uses half the pressure of a garden hose.  Our Soft Wash Cleaning last longer than traditional pressure cleaning, and is the only method approved by major roof shingle manufacturers. 

Safe Wash cleaning process will improve the appearance of shingles, siding, driveways, sidewalks, and gutters without harming either the area being cleaned or the landscape.  We have an assistant technician present whose sole responsibility during application of the cleaning agents is to rinse the grass, bushes, and perimeter landscaping before, during and after so that the risk of plant damage is minimized. Safe Wash also applies a post wash solution to the landscaping to neutralize the cleaning solution, fertilizes the plants through their leaves, coat the leaves with a buffering agent and add back vital nutrients at the base of the plants. We do this to make sure every step has been taken to protect your landscaping.